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I work within an approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). When it is applied to non-clinical groups, I call it Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence Training. Learn more about ACT by clicking here.

The Choice Point is a simple way to help you and your client keep track of wher eyou are in an ACT intervention. In the below document, we give an example of the Choice point model and show how it can be used to summarize willingness, defusion, and self-compassion

Download overview of the Choice Point model

Example choice point worksheet

Choice point model of behavioral regulation (Or how to use the choice point with different  types of intervention).


We have a variety of ACT support materials for download. Please click on a link below to explore.

Strength Spotting Exercise for Adolescents

Visual Metaphors

Audio meditations

Other useful materials


ACT-Now:  Promoting well-being amongst people diagnosed with cancer

Example Web intervention for people diagnosed with cancer

ACT-Now participant manual

ACT-Now Therapist manual



Measuring guiding principles and values

We are also continuously working on and developing the Survey of Guiding Principles (SGP). You can do alot of practical exercises with the SGP, including a card-sorting, values clarification task. To learn more, you can download materials here. The manual, in particular, contains a review of the empirical support surrounding the SGP.

Download the Survey of Guiding Principles

Another popular measure is the Personal Values Questionnaire. Find the measure here, as well as some empirical support

Download the Personal Values Questionnaire and supporting Articles

Visual metaphors, audio,and the survey of life principles are copyrighted to Ciarrochi and Bailey ((C) 2007). You are free to use these materials, but they should not be distributed or sold.